Sexual Color

Didi Wagner

Sexual Color
Photographic exhibition, research laboratory of images and interaction with people, re-reading of famous and sexy bodies. Choose one of these labels (or all at once) and apply on Sexual Color of Gabriel Wickbold, work scheduled to be shown in the second half of 2010, in New York. Pointing his lenses and projecting his pop light on a mixture of materials, organic or inorganic, onto human skin, the young, 25 year old photographer from São Paulo, reaches an unique way of seeing sexuality, covering to strip. He explains: '‘The paint is a protection and at the same time revealing. It covers a woman, but in character, reveals itself.’' To achieve this effect, Brazilian personalities such as Adriane Galisteu, Fernanda Paes Leme, Didi Wagner, Natalia Rodrigues, Fernanda Souza, Adriana Bombom, Barbara Koboldt, and Carla Fiorito, undressed (the majority for the first time) and had their beautiful forms covered with chocolate, gouache, airbrush paint, synthetic hair, coconut vines, sand and makeup, not necessarily in that order. Dismissing stereotypes, Sexual Color reinvents and exports the Brazilian beauty in a format that you have never seen. Check it out and participate.

'‘Gabriel Wickbold is a young Brazilian photographer with an amazing portfolio, his images are very colorful and have an innovative touch.
In his work he goes eve further to highligth eroticism through new experimentations.’'

'‘Farbexplosionen von Gabriel Wickbold’'
'‘Schaut euch mal die Arbeit des brasilianischen Fotografen Gabriel Wickbold, mit seinem breiten Portfolio Carbonmade, an. Die bunten Bilder mit Explosionen von Farben haben eine besondere Bindung an den menschlichen Körper. Mehr Bilder von seiner Arbeit findet ihr auf seiner Portfolio-Website. Bei solchen Bildern frage ich mich immer wie nacher das Fotostudio aussehen mag. Die Bilder sind ein echter Blickfang und ich möchte unbedingt eins in groß auf Leinwand haben.’'

'‘Gabriel Wickbold es un fotógrafo de Sao Paulo que trabaja en poderosos y coloristas retratos. Os recomiendo echar un vistazo a sus galerías para disfrutar de su brillante trabajo!’'

'' Sexual Color » est le nom donné à la série de photos pleines de couleurs du brésilien Gabriel Wickbold, avec des explosions de peintures qui ne sont pas sans rappeler l’action painting de Jackson Pollock ou encore les anthropométries d’Yves Klein. Entre poésie, érotisme ou même orgasme visuel, ce jeune photographe n’a pas fini de nous en mettre plein les yeux.''
Laurent Canivet
Gabriel Wickbold’s travel photographs are just as impressive as his super staged, cinematic studio shots. He’s not a one trick pony. The 25-year-old photographer explores the worlds in a number of different ways and his images are always entirely captivating.

'‘The work of Gabriel Wickbold has caught not only my eye, but the eye of many others. The 25-year-old photographer can capture just about anything you would want, from staged cinematic shoots that grab every one of your senses and don’t let go to travel shots that say more than a thousand words.Check out the gallery to check out some amazing Gabriel Wickbold portraits. It was tough narrowing his portfolio down to just ten!’‘

Zupi Erotika Magazine
The word erotic possesses a number of interpretations, that vary from person to person. To one of them, the famous Aurélio, the term has no pornographic pretension when related to the sublime aspects of human condition, like love and poetry.

If Gabriel Wickbold agrees with this definition, no one knows. But the fact is that the 25 year old photographer that has been gaining more and more space in the market with his daring clicks curiously began his career in the world of arts, writting poetry.

His first time in the art of erotic clicking was commanding a shoot for ''Sexy Magazine’'. The strong indentity of his works, with characteristic colors, lighting and details quickly called attention, making his photographs leap rapidly from the internal editorials to the cover of the editions.

In his professional shoots Wickbold does not give up an innovative touch, in his personal work he goes eve further to highligth eroticism through new experimentations.
The project Sexual Colors is his maximum example. In it, women and men have their bodies intertwined in paints and threads in an explosion of colors, lights, transparency and details that reveal a true visual orgasm. For Gabriel, the atmosphere created by his images illustrates an extremely artistic eroticism. '‘Sexual Color is work that purely reflects sex art. It portrays everything i would like to perform in a nude photograph. Sexuality involves curiosity. It is no fun if it’s too explicit. Insinuating generates much more sex appeal then merely giving it away.’'