Sexual Colors


Color and nudity, simply, fuse breasts, lips, hair.. Under the pop light, the organic is confused with the inorganic, beauty is redefined, while the characterization hides and reveals new forms and characters. “It was a very popular series, very colorful, very eye candy. And gradually I discovered that besides the splashes of movement that I could cause with the paint frozen in the air, there was also the discovery of the ink, the layers, and how these layers they brought me my signature”, says Wickbold. The 2008 series began with a reading of naked bodies covered with thick layers of gouache, chocolate, airbrush paint, synthetic hair, coconut cider, urucum, sand or makeup that turned into a canvas. This process allowed Gabriel to transform man into an installation and to understand the universe of possibilities that could be reached by the reinterpretation of nudity through colors.