In Strong, sometimes brutal images, plants, birds (preserved by the taxidermy technique) and other objects are juxtaposed with the white, fossilized skin of the models. The artist uses a sophisticated creative process. First, he paints specific parts of the model’s head, to cause the appearance of a thickness and texture beyond the skin. Then, after drying, cracked layers resulting from the small movements of the face are formed. Soon after this stage, it is necessary to smear the excesses a few times and add elements found in nature. The referent – man and nature – becomes a strange being and the process seeks to emphasize the intense relationship between life and art. The series began with the discovery of white, a color that Gabriel had never used in another series. “Little by little the cracked layers translated the relationship that I could develop with the man placed one more time at the center of the food chain. Instead of just being the end of the chain, almost like a fertilizer for life, a fertilizer to start a reinterpretation”.